Hte-Hi.Tech.Expo 2008: the future of technology is on its way

HTE-HI.TECH.EXPO 2008, the first Italian event dedicated to the most advanced technologies: photovoltaics, vacuum and coating technologies, photonics, optoelectronics, nanotechnologies, hydrogen and fuel cells, storage of electricity and superconductors, will be held at Fiera Milano from 25 to 28 November.

The show will have numerous innovations: four new pavilions which will be part of an absolute innovation in the fair sector, the Forum and Events Area dedicated to companies, discount on areas occupied by machinery, an entire floor of the Congress Centre available, and many more.

Global warming, the tremendous increase in the price of crude oil and the dependence on countries that are producers of fossil fuel, make the theme of energy supply a high priority for the entire planet. With the economic and occupational crisis in mind, today, more than ever, research dedicated to the development of technologies for renewable energy sources is now an obligation.

Other than environmental priorities, renewable energy sources can also be considered as starting points for an economic market that is not based on fossil fuels for its energy supply. As far as economic aspects are concerned, in fact, we can, and must take global action that favours the competitiveness of the industry towards new market strategies. The sector of renewable energies, which guarantees high future growth rates, is, also enables sustainable growth for our planet and increased occupation.

The strategic role of research and innovation in the energy sector, therefore, brings together environmental sustainability, economic development, market competitiveness, safety and continuity of energy supplies for which, at present, Europe depends on countries that are producers of crude oil and gas.

Fighting climate changes, promoting occupation and growth, while limiting the external vulnerability of the EU with regards to imports of gas and crude oil are, in fact, the aims of the energy policy to which the European Union is committed.

The challenge regarding renewable sources of energy has been accepted and, today, more than ever, must be accepted globally. The most recent frontier of research regarding technology applied to the production of sustainable energy is therefore the main strategic theme that will be on show at HTE-HI.TECH.EXPO 2008 the first Italian event at international level dedicated to the most advanced science, research and technologies.

For the first time, at worldwide level, the most important representatives of the top industries and applied research bodies of this sector will meet to put on show and discuss photovoltaics and vacuum and coating technologies, from photonics to optoelectronics and nanotechnologies, from hydrogen to fuel cells, up to the storage of electricity and superconductors.

And if the competitive challenge of the market is that of keeping pace with technological innovation, HTE-HI.TECH.EXPO 2008 is the appointment par excellence in which technology, research and development will be on show giving all visitors the opportunity to see for themselves the most recent technological solutions available on the market and to check out the possible future developments and applications of this technology. HTE-HI.TECH.EXPO 2008 accomplishes in this way its aim of supplying companies with the possible development scenarios of the sector to keep up to date and, above all, remain competitive at international level.

Investing in research, updating, development and innovation are now the mandatory conditions to remain competitive in a market that is now, more than ever a global reality. Italian industries have the ability and the knowledge to innovate and it is for this reason that HTE-HI.TECH.EXPO 2008 is the strategic place for companies to present themselves at international level and to take the opportunity that this incredible growing market offers.

To encourage communication, business opportunities and to stimulate the exchange of information, this year HTE-HI.TECH.EXPO 2008 will include an interesting innovation: inside the exhibition area, there will also be the "Forum and Events Area", an important showcase where companies will have the opportunity to present and discuss their new products and attendees will be able to communicate directly to the speakers.

At HTE-HI.TECH.EXPO 2008 the world of research will find a vast panorama regarding the most recent applicative results, while the Italian industry will have a national and international showcase which will enable them to launch themselves on the global market; a unique occasion to present products, plants, technologies and services to a public of specialized operators, to meet with other companies and find new commercial and industrial partners, to expand sales networks and make new contacts with other exhibiting companies and, above all, to enter markets in new geographical areas and new product sectors.

An international vocation confirmed by the high number of worldwide exhibitors who have already confirmed the presence at the show, coming from 14 different countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, India, Liechtenstein, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK and USA.

HTE-HI.TECH.EXPO 2008 will be, as of the first edition, the only event to offer specific theme halls closely connected to each other and dedicated to the most advanced technical solutions. There will, in fact, be seven halls at the show:

PV Tech Milano 2008, 5th international Fair dedicated to the photovoltaic industry and technologies

VTE Vacuum Tech&Coating Expo 2008, 2nd international Fair for vacuum and coating technologies

Photonica Expo 2008, 1st international Fair dedicated to photonics, laser, optoelectronics and vision technologies

Nano Future Expo 2008, 1st international Fair for nanotechnologies

Hydrogen Show 2008, 7th international Fair dedicated to hydrogen and fuel cells

BEST 2008 Batteries & Electric Storage Technology, 1st international Fair and Conference dedicated to the industry of electrical storage

Super Conductors Europe 2008, 1st international Fair for superconductivity and superconductors

A detailed conference programme will also be part of the Fair, in response to the growing demand for information. The aim of these meetings will be that of offering operators and visitors a wide panorama regarding the state-of-the-art and possible development scenarios of the technologies referred to in each theme hall. Representatives of Italian and international political institutions, public and private research bodies, category and industrial associations, will all be present. The conferences will be held in the Congress Centre of Fiera Milano, strategically located in front of the pavilions dedicated to the exhibition, and will take up an entire floor of the Centre.

The conference programme will be available on line in March at will, this year too, broadcast live the presentations of the speakers and interviews from companies present at the event.

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