HEYE International is one of the leading machine manufacturers and know-how suppliers in the container glass industry worldwide

Date: 25 October 2004
Source: HEYE International
Hall 14 / Stand A56By developing high-productivity machines and equipment, progressive glass production technologies as well as by many years of experience of a professional team of skilled engineers and technicians the name HEYE International was made a synonym for quality and new technology.

HEYE International deals with the construction work all over from raw material to packaging, putting the plant or machine into operation and providing ongoing technical assistance.

The technologies, machines and equipment have been installed in more than 50 countries of the world.

The scope of supply of HEYE International covers the following fields:


• planning, construction and commissioning of complete glass plants
• modernisation and expansion of existing glass plants
• engineering for low emission glass melting furnaces and waste heat recovery systems


• machinery and equipment for the container glass industry
• quality assurance systems
• quality data processing
• cold end equipment
• inspection machines
• information system


• technical assistance agreements
• license agreements for Heye Lightweight Glass Technology (Heye Advanced NNPB Process)
• training
• container glass design

On this year’s Glasstec HEYE International will focus on the following components:

High speed servo pusher

A traditional Heye activity is the hot end ware handling. On Glasstec 2004 HEYE International will present a new E-pusher for conveyor speeds up to 80 m/min based on servo technology. Particular the well-known problems with triple gob operation are solved by this high performance system. IS- machine units like 16 section triple gob are now possible.

The Flex–Plunger

is usable on all feeder sizes and –types.

In case that a common plunger drive is installed the lifting mechanism of the plunger is moved up- and downwards by means of a crank drive.

For the Heye Flex-Plunger Type 2329 presented here, an AC servo motor directly drives the Plunger mechanics via a spindle.
The motion of the servo motor is controlled by a computer. The adaption of the Flex–Plunger to the production conditions is also made by a computer and by a local control box.

Assortment production is possible. For each article different motion profiles are selectable, offset, stroke, motion time and phase shift to the shears.
They are adjustable during operation in a variable way from stroke to stroke.

With a joint control for the Heye Servo Shears and the Heye Flex–Plunger additionally also the Heye Gob Distributor can be operated. The advantage of this joint control with one computer is the easy operation and the high reliability.

The synchronization to the IS Machine is done via a common start signal, which represents the shear cut.

The phase setting between Plunger and Shears is preadjustable as time difference and can be easily adapted during operation. When changing the number of cuts the time difference remains constant.

All known motion profiles are programmed and can be selected.

Basic functions (start/stop, phase difference between Plunger and Shears) can be set via a control box located near the feeder.

The lowest position of the Plunger is adjusted by a crank-handle as usual.

Heye Information System (HIS)
The HIS gives actual information on the condition of the production process and the quality of the articles produced. Since the article defects can be allocated to mould numbers or IS Section numbers the user receives detailed hints on weak points and improvement potentials. Terminal programmes that are easy to handle at any places of your factory show the current information of the running production in easy-to-follow graphic displays.
At the terminals manual inputs, such as for example to enter defects, to send messages, to control mould number rejects, to enter tool changes etc. are carried out with few key actuations only.By the modular design you adapt the system to your production environment and your requirements.
The QC-Online Software controls statistical inspections, which are automatically carried out in the inspection lines (e.g. measurements with the PROLASER of INEX or the SPT of AGR). The HEYE QCS Software connects the measuring devices of the quality laboratory with the HPIS. Measuring values are stored in inspection reports and displayed by the HPIS Terminal Programmes.
Configuration data and the data gained from the running production are stored in the HIS Data-base. With your own software you have access on all data of the system
The HIS Print Programme automatically prints shift reports at the end of the shift.
It is also possible to print reports of any desired period.By listing the working period of moulds and tools it is possible to utilize the elements of a set more equally. Counters, inspection and sorting machines can be connected with the system via a CAN Network, Ethernet or RS232.
Special functions render possible to recognize defective or incorrectly adjusted inspection machines.

600450 HEYE International is one of the leading machine manufacturers and know-how suppliers in the container glass industry worldwide glassonweb.com

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