Health and Safety Heights Scaled with Hegla Storage Solution

Hegla’s pvc racking and storage system has recently created a lot of interest due to both the versatility of the product and the health and safety advantages it provides some customers.

Although Hegla is well recognized for its vast knowledge in relation to glass handling, cutting and storage systems, the company equally excels in providing solutions for the profile market.

The adaptability of the Hegla system creates considerably more space within existing premises enabling investors to utilize their car parking space for its intentional purpose and not to store excess pvc product. The increased warehousing efficiency enables companies to maximize upon the potential of existing facilities without the need to look at moving into larger premises.

Manufacturers can therefore look to expand their businesses for the right reasons and in the right areas. Enquiries for the Hegla racking system have also been generated because of health and safety issues. In one instance it would eliminate the need for an entire warehouse to be organized every day before staff arrived, to ensure that both machines and product did not adversely affect movement around the production floor.

Enhancing the storage capacity and efficiency in old or new premises is fast, efficient and developed to tie in with specific production schedules, as the Hegla team tailors each system to an individual customer’s requirements. Whether it is required for compact or large premises, the designs are specified to cater for individual storage needs. This includes products such as the semi automatic floor to ceiling concertina racking system for bulk quantities or the smaller manual concertina option for small quantities.

Unlike the cantilever structures that are fixed to the floor with working gaps between each section for fork lifts to operate, this offers substantial benefits with the need for only one moving gap along the whole run. The system enables operators to decide upon a position where profile is stored and then that gap is opened to allow the fork lift to enter. Via the motorized coupling bogie system upon which the racks sit, the operator can then close this gap and open another section for another amount of stock to be moved or stored. With health and safety of paramount importance the Hegla PVC racking solution houses a number of features including a safety light beam which protects those working within the system as well as an audible warning device to inform operatives when the racks are moving.

The concept was developed to allow the racks to sit side by side without a gap and can be easily adjusted either automatically or manually to suit production requirements. Meticulous attention has been incorporated into the design with the racking solutions manufactured to meet all current industry standards and produced in individual corporate colours if so required. This enables customers to optimize the storage of all sized goods and weights in any facility. The computer aided design ensures the best solution for every project with each installation not only meeting the existing storage requirements of most companies but, importantly, provides additional capacity for future growth. Steve Goble, Managing Director at Hegla UK comments, “In simple terms the Hegla racking system will provide a complete solution at a realistic cost that will quickly pay for itself.” For more information on the Hegla range please call: 01908 261933

600450 Health and Safety Heights Scaled with Hegla Storage Solution

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