GlasWeld Technical Services Division Completing Ground Breaking Research into UV LED Technology for Windshield Repair Curing Systems

Date: 20 April 2009
Source: GlasWeld
Two years of research begins the process of proving that glass repair can benefit from consistency, portability and low environmental impact of LEDs GlasWeld, an international solutions provider for the glass repair industry, today announced that its Technical Services Division, which handles research and development for the company, is in final testing stages of ultraviolet (UV) light emitting diodes (LED) for its auto glass repair curing systems.

Auto glass repair consistency, portability and environmental impact are the core reasons driving the research, which has been underway for approximately two years in the company’s laboratory. “It is widely known that fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and are difficult to dispose of properly, which makes LED attractive from an environmental standpoint because it contains no toxic chemicals,” said Randy Mackey, director of research and development for GlasWeld and a 25-year veteran of the windshield repair industry. “LED Curing Systems are unaffected by temperature, so they will also contribute to quality consistency for windshield repair, no matter the season or climate.”

Five years ago, GlasWeld patented the ProCur Radial Curing Lamp, the industry’s only lamp specifically designed for windshield repair, which features a proprietary round UV Bulb. By integrating UV LEDs into the ProCur, the solution becomes durable, working from smaller rechargeable powers sources, and the intensity of the light is not affected by age, usage or temperature.

LEDs last longer than fluorescent lamps and contain no toxic waste, reducing replacement cost and minimizing environmental impact. “Our lab has been exploring UV LED technology for the last two years, working on matching emitted light waves to our resin formulas for optimal curing of repairs,” said Mackey.

“With new advancements in the field of UV LEDs, we are optimistic that the correct design will soon become commercially viable for our industry and meet GlasWeld’s strict standards for quality.” GlasWeld’s laboratory only releases new designs when they are fully proven through a battery of tests, including field use.

Already under development for two years, GlasWeld will continue to make advancements in the use of LED for auto glass repair until the technology is ready for widespread use in the marketplace.

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About GlasWeld

Based in Bend, Oregon, GlasWeld provides complete glass repair solutions—from revolutionary equipment to unparalleled training programs and technical support—for both flat glass and auto glass. The company’s flagship Gforce Scratch Removal System for glass scratch removal and G3fusion Auto Glass Repair System for windshield repair are distributed worldwide through an international distribution network. GlasWeld’s product lines have been developed based on decades of industry research, development and customer feedback. Because glass repair is intrinsically sustainable, GlasWeld has integrated creative, tangible environmental initiatives into its daily operations, including ongoing education for the greater glass industry.

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600450 GlasWeld Technical Services Division Completing Ground Breaking Research into UV LED Technology for Windshield Repair Curing Systems

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