Glass recycling vote stalled

A resolution to support glass recycling stalled Wednesday when ASUM voted to wait to deliberate on the MontPIRG-led effort until next week.

I’m even considering co-sponsoring the resolution, but we all want to see some more specifics and get a better idea of what exactly what [MontPIRG is] proposing,” President Aaron Flint said.ASUM bylaws require all resolutions to be turned in by Friday afternoon, but the authors of the resolution, Sen. Kimberly Pappas and Sen. Anna Green, did not turn the resolution in until Monday morning.

The resolution was in response to MontPIRG’s request for their support in their efforts to bring glass recycling to campus. MontPIRG will hold a kickoff next week to unveil their glass recycling plan, and Pappas and Green felt it was important to pass the resolution before the kickoff. They asked the Senate to suspend the rule that requires them to turn in the resolution in on time.

The motion to suspend house rules failed to pass with a two-thirds majority so the resolution can’t be voted on until next week.

“I don’t want to make a habit out of suspending house rules,” Sen. Christian Winkle said during the meeting.

Green was disappointed they have to wait until the next meeting.

“I would have liked to come out and say that I supported it before [MontPIRG] had their kickoff,” she said.

The glass recycling plan is an effort to reduce the amount of waste UM produces, Pappas said. It is also following a commitment Dennison signed last year to make the University more sustainable.

Right now, there is no facility that recycles glass in Missoula. MontPIRG hopes to purchase a glass pulverizer, a machine that converts glass into sand, for the University. A small pulverizer would cost from $5,000 to $10,000, and they are still brainstorming on how they will raise the money.

While they have considered alternatives to buying a pulverizer, “[it] is the best option that I’ve researched so far,” Pappas said.

Sen. Sage Rafferty said he thinks this is a valuable effort, but is content to wait until next week to vote on the resolution.

“I just think it’s good for resolutions to go through committee,” Rafferty said. “I really didn’t think it was pertinent at this time.”

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