Exhibitor statements on glasstec 2014

Biesse Spa / Intermac, Carlo Strappa, Marketing Manager: “glasstec is central in our strategy for stores market.

We know that it is the trade fair for the glass industry.  Every two years everybody is coming to the show. (…) glasstec is where you have to be, glasstec is when you have to be ready with the best products you can offer. We are extremely happy this year, the booth is full of quality visitors. (…) We have already sold some machines, that’s great. Already on the second day we had smiles on our faces. (…) It is absolutely a success.”


Bohle AG, Arne Klöfkorn, Board Member


We’re very, very satisfied with glasstec. It was by far the best glasstec for us in years. We’ve generated lots of momentum, which should translate into plenty of new business. Especially these days, when one hears the news that times might get worse, the trade fair certainly provides the push we need to get through these times unscathed.


Bystronic glass, Peter Nischwitz, Head of Corporate Communication


“Our bottom line is very positive! From the start, we saw high-calibre visitors at our exhibition stand. The number of visitors was just right, too, and we’re confident that the industry as a whole will also return to a positive trajectory. We look forward to some really, really great follow-up business after the trade fair.”


GED Integrated Solutions, S. Joseph Shaheen, Director of Sales and Marketing


We have had a lot of traffic come through, a lot of people that have never seen our system in process before. We also have had some customers who came two years ago and saw us that have come back. Being here in Düsseldorf gives us this great opportunity to get people to understand our system that is very different from traditional IG production, and it’s very important for our company to be here.


Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH, Martin Sträb, Executive Vice President & CMO


“Speaking on behalf of the Grenzebach Group, we had extremely positive results overall. We’re glad we returned to Düsseldorf. This is an amazing platform for our international clientele, offering an excellent opportunity to both gain new customers and set appointments with our existing customers for discussions or to further cultivate our partnership. Following few rather difficult years, we now look to the future with moderate optimism, and the trade fair provides some very interesting impulses in that regard. Moreover, something we as an exhibitor find noteworthy is that Messe Düsseldorf GmbH is an excellent partner for us. For the first time this year, they organised the opening celebration on the evening before glasstec. This event provided a great setting for us to invite all our key customers and partners. Wonderful discussions developed that evening. Everyone who participated and all the customers thought it was just an absolutely fantastic night. That’s why we’d like to ask that you keep this event and further expand this theme.”


Interpane Glas Industrie AG, Rainer W. Schmid, Marketing Communication Director


“It was a successful event for us overall. glasstec allowed us to properly showcase the alliance between AGC and Interpane, which we had initiated two years ago. We’re pleased, because we made many interesting contacts and saw lots of visitors.”


Lisec Holding GmbH, Mag. Filip Miermans


“Clearly, glasstec is the industry’s leading trade fair. The atmosphere has been incredible right from the start, the visitor numbers and quality are very high. (…) glasstec is the ideal platform for introducing new product ranges. (…)”


Saint-Gobain Glass Deutschland GmbH, Martin Stadler, Marketing Director


The trade fair completely met our expectations, it was very lively, and we met lots and lots of customers. We’re absolutely satisfied with the trade fair.


ZIPPE Industrieanlagen GmbH, Susanne Smeets-Zippe, Public Relations, Marketing


“glasstec is always the highlight among trade fairs for us, an event in which we have to – and want to – participate. It’s our most important trade fair. Every other year, it’s all hands on deck for us to present our company in the best possible light here, meet as many customers as possible and make new contacts. So far we’re very satisfied with every aspect of the trade fair and have only positive things to say.”



Solar meets Glass


Dr. Florian Wessendorf, Managing Director, VDMA Photovoltaic Equipment


“We think the Solar meets Glass conference was very successful. The wide range of conference topics – from market development in the solar and glass segments to technology topics pertinent to both industries to themes revolving around building-integrated photovoltaics – must have been particularly interesting to participants. Something I took home with me is that we have to tackle problems together. While an exchange between both sectors already exists, it could certainly still be enhanced.”



engineered transparency


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Schneider, Technische Universität Darmstadt


“With 201 participants from 23 nations, the engineered transparency conference was similarly well attended as two years ago, and participant feedback has been excellent. That being the case, we’re satisfied. We saw lots of familiar as well as new faces among the participants – and of course we think it’s particularly great that they represent a highly international audience. We’ve received positive feedback regarding the content of the conference. Participants consider it a great platform whose contents are neither to commercial nor too academic. The tie-in with glasstec has paid off, as well. We saw many corporate representatives who probably wouldn’t have attended a separate conference. By the same token, our participants also visited glasstec to learn more. So what you get is a sustainable link between engineered transparency and glasstec.”



Architecture Congress


Prof. Ulrich Knaack, Delft University of Technology


“It is indeed a bit stressful when every other year you have to create a good storyline, find the right characters and develop the ideal choreography for such a conference. But it worked out really well this year. Many diverse architects took part, some very technical and precise, others more design-oriented – just totally different characters. The Congress really excels at conveying ideas surrounding the functionality of glass and its uses. Plus, the room is packed, and I’ve received positive feedback – and not just from the people I know who might want to give me a pat on the back to be polite.”

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