Evidence of Glass Blowing Workshop Discovered in Patapeh

Archeological excavations on the top of Patapeh historic hill located behind Kalan Dam in Malayer, Iranian Hamadan province, has resulted in identifying architectural evidence dating back to Safavid dynastic era (1501-1736 AD).

Since the architectural style of this area is not similar to residential settlements and considering the discovered glass kilns in the area, archeologists believe the discovered evidence must have belonged to a glass blowing workshop.

Announcing this news, Hassan Rezvani, head of excavation team in Patapeh, told CHN: “A number of glass productions such as pieces of bracelets and glass dishes have been found in the vicinity of this architectural remain which dates back to 300 to 400 years ago. A small area has been also identified next to the workshop which at first was supposed to be a lavatory, however considering its slope and the shape of the earthenware well which was built in center of the room; we give the possibility that the area must have been the bathroom of the workshop.”

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