Empowering Solar Efficiency

Date: 3 June 2009
Source: AGC Solar
AGC Solar is taking part in Intersolar, the world’s largest solar technology trade fair, held from 27 to 29 May in Munich, to show its solar products and technologies.It is seizing this opportunity to introduce the main features of its new communication campaign.

The focus is on innovative technology expressed in various types of value-added glass for solar applications all over the world. The AGC Solar range covers three main applications: photovoltaic panels, thermal collectors and concentrating solar mirrors. Thanks to its light transmission and conductive properties, AGC glass plays a major role in the development of high quality products for solar applications.

During the fair, AGC Solar (Hall A3, Stand 402) will present some striking examples of its product range aimed at producers, assemblers and specifiers for various solar uses. For application in photovoltaic panels, there is the AGC Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO) coated clear and extra-clear glass which covers the surface of thin film solar batteries and acts as a conductor to extract electrical energy. The Mo (Molybdenum) coated glass, an entirely new product, acts as a back electrode for thin film CIGS. The extra-clear patterned glass with antireflective coatings (ARC) – known under its brands Solite Plus® and Solatex Plus® – for its part can be used as cover glass for photovoltaic panels based on crystalline and thin film technologies (CIGS), as well as for thermal uses. The product to be seen for Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) is the extra-thin but also extra-clear solar mirror.

Besides glass, the fluoroethylene film ETFE from AGC Chemicals completes the range of materials for solar cells at the fair. It is used in e.g. front cover films and backing sheets because it is durable, water proof and an electrical insulator.

On the communication side, AGC’s drive for innovative solar glass technologies to serve its customers around the world and its expertise in clean energy sources are summed up in the simple slogan "Empowering Solar Efficiency". This is reinforced by the image of clean nature in which energy in the form of solar power is praised and captured. A complete new website www.agc-solar.com with easy navigation and straightforward information about the know-how of AGC in the solar market will be on line as of May 27.

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