Emhart Glass: New Standard Cartridge 59-27241 NC Blue- 59-27242 NO Red

Date: 5 October 2009
Source: Emhart Glass
Can you imagine, while reading this New Standard Cartridges promotion, Emhart Glass cartridges will have switched “on” and “off” pneumatic IS mechanisms more than 15,000,000 times worldwide.

Isn’t that amazing?
Since the introduction of electro pneumatic valve blocks, cartridges have been used to operate the pneumatic mechanisms on IS machines. From the earliest days, Emhart Glass has provided plastic cartridges for dry air applications, and aluminum cartridges for oily air conditions.
Over the past 30 years, working conditions have changed, as well as the demands for reducing valve sticking to support improved reliability, increased air throughput for higher speeds, faster reaction times and longer operating life. The new Standard Cartridge fulfills all the desired improvements and works in all environments (dry and oily air). In addition, the double sealed piston prevents any leakage (important for safety), a newly designed seat valve replaces the lip seal, and operating characteristics are independent of wear. Constant friction levels prevent sticking and guarantee high repeatability and a longer life cycle. The spring does not restrict the air throughput, thus giving up to 100% more air flow.
The newly offered Standard Cartridge outperforms the plastic cartridges 191-7705 NC and 191-7704 NO, and the aluminum cartridges 191-8274 NC and 191-8273 NO.and supersedes them, as a one-to-one replacement functioning in any Emhart Glass type electro-pneumatic valve blocks. Group 5 of the Solenoid Valve 210-499-00 NC and 210-498-00 NO includes the Standard Cartridge
Features and Benefits:
    Compact high precision full aluminum design for longer lifetime
    Seat valve, wear independent low friction for increased response and repeatability
    Constant friction design provides consistent operations
    Dual piston sealing prevents air leakage (safety)
    No metal to metal guiding (bushing) for increased lifetime
    For oily and dry air one cartridge for all applications
    Large openings for increase air through put
    Spring not restricting air flow provides up to 100% more flow
    One standard cartridge fits all Machines NIS, AIS, IS and SIS
To learn more, contact your local Emhart Glass representative. Please forward inquiries and comments to: Glass.Tidings@emhartglass.com

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