Bi-metal Coin: Light As A Feather And Gleaming Blue

Date: 5 April 2010
Source: Plansee
It is exactly 6.5 grams in weight and has a blue glow: The niobium core manufactured by PLANSEE for the new bi-metal coin that is issued by the Austrian mint.

On the face carrying the denomination, a tree symbolizes the cycles of nature and the sources of energy which they produce. A spiral winds out toward the silver border from the tree in the niobium core. It incorporates the four elements: earth, fire, air and water. The other face is dedicated to the most important forms of renewable energy. Before the stylized globe, which occupies the entire niobium core, a turbine turns – driven by the water pouring from the nozzle in the surrounding silver. To the left, the arrows signify the recovery of energy from geothermal sources. A wind energy installation can be seen in the background. The right-hand side of the silver ring is dedicated to solar power.
The coin’s color is the result of Anodic Oxidation, a unique procedure for coin production that has been developed by PLANSEE. The chemical process involved in anodic oxidation leaves an extremely thin, transparent oxide layer. This is just a few nanometers thick, with the result that the refraction of the light on its surface causes interference which gives the niobium its colored appearance. Different colors can be created depending on the thickness of the oxide layer.

600450 Bi-metal Coin: Light As A Feather And Gleaming Blue

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