3G Switchable Film comes with new features

A new generation of liquid crystal film, 3G Switchable Film TM, has come into markets for a while. By utilizing non-linear technology and nano-technology, it shows many great advantages over old generations ( pdlc ).

The advantages include ultra clearness (only 3% haze), very low driving voltage (20V), high moisture resistance and much longer lifetime. Its high quality has been widely recognized and welcome in switchable window field. 3G Switchable Film comes with two new major features, or feature of projection screen and feature of light diffusion. Combining switchable feature and projection screen feature together makes it very useful as a Switchable Projection Screen. It may be perfectly used for store advertising on windows. Such window or screen can be switched by a safe voltage under 36 VAC between clear and opaque.


In its clear state, one can see through like a regular window (Picture 1). In its opaque state, one can project an advertising program, presentation, video, TV or movie on it. Projected image on the window or film can be seen from both sides. The image also has absolutely wide viewing angle and VAI brightness (Viewing Angle Independent brightness or same brightness at different viewing angles). Since a micro spherical scattering mechanism of liquid crystals is utilized, it does not absorb and lose any color from a projector. Therefore, 3G Film has the largest half gain viewing angles and can present the highest quality of true color.

(Picture 2 and 3) 3G Switchable Film also has a supper diffusion power, which offers the most uniform diffused light without any "lunar halo". Light diffusion is a fundamental requirement for our unique feature of both side view. This feature has been used in LED lighting system and TV system. Super diffusion power was one of top difficulty in image industry.

This great result comes from combination of both non-linear technology and nano-technology. In picture 4, 3G Switchable film is in right side and other liquid crystal film is in left side. Both films are placed at front of a light source, such as a light bulb or projector. 3G Film offers a very uniform brightness regardless a distance from a light source. This amazing diffusion capability may be utilized for many applications.

3G Switchable Film is the most feature rich product and far beyond old concept of liquid crystal privacy film. It has great impacts to different industrial sectors. In traditional switchable window, smart glass field, 3G Switchable Film benefits end-users by providing higher standards and brings new vitality into the field by adding feature of projection screen. In projection field, it provides a new type of projection screens for customers and offers a unique feature of both side view and VAI brightness. In light diffusion field, its great diffusion capability will play an important role in many applications.


Most importantly, advertising capability of switchable projection screen has changed its product function from an entertainment device to a money making device (Picture 5). It is overwhelmingly welcome by retail stores and mall advertising companies. 3G Switchable Film puts many best features in one. People can find many applications and business opportunities with their creative thinking. For more information, please visit www.scienstry.us

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