WinDoor-tech Poznań 2019

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February 2019

WinDoor-tech Poznań 2019

Poznań, Poland
Date: 12.02.2019 - 15.02.2019
WinDoor-tech trade fair is the unique possibility to get to know the comprehensive market offer for producers of windows, doors, gates and façade systems, as well as for designers and scientific environments.

Companies producing and distributing machines and components for this segment in the same time and place, during the trade fair directed especially for them may present modern, efficient and energy-saving technologies which are more and more popular. Producers try to meet demanding technical norms and also take care about high quality of machines and components in their offers.

Scope of the fair
1. Structural and profile systems

1.1. Systems for windows
1.2. Systems for gates
1.3. Systems for doors
1.4. Systems for conservatories
1.5. Other systems

2. Semi-finished materials

2.1. Semi-finished materials for facades
2.2. Semi-finished materials for windows
2.3. Semi-finished materials for gates
2.4. Semi-finished materials for doors
2.5. Semi-finished materials for conservatories
2.6. Semi-finished materials for other types of structures

3. Materials, production aids

3.1. Coatings
3.2. Glueing products
3.3. Saling products
3.4. Abrasive products
3.5. Cleaning products
3.6. Others

4. Glass, glass products

4.1. Complex glazing
4.1.1. Solar glazing
4.1.2. Sound - proof glazing
4.1.3. Safety glazing
4.2. Bullet - proof glazing
4.3. Fire - resisting glazing
4.4. Structural glazing
4.5. Decorative glazing
4.6. Others

5. Hardware, fixing and safety equipment

5.1. Hardware
5.2. Fixing equipment
5.3. Safety equipment
5.4. Control systems and drives

6. Shading and ventilation technique

6.1. Shading technique
6.2. Ventilation technique

7. Machines, installations and tools

7.1. Machines, installations and tools for glass processing
7.2. Machines, installations and tools for woodworking
7.3. Machines, installations and tools for plastic processing
7.4. Machines, installations and tools for metalworking
7.5. Other machines, installations and tools

8. Storage and transportation systems

9. Measurement and testing systems

10. IT

11. Service, associations, professional publications

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