AT Webinar: Specifying structural glass – key considerations to avoid risk

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June 2024

AT Webinar: Specifying structural glass – key considerations to avoid risk

Date: 25.06.2024 - 27.06.2024
Join Architecture Today's online panel discussion in June featuring experts from Arup, Eckersley O’Callaghan, WSP, Kuraray, Building Sciences, and Alpha Consulting.

The panel will address the dangers of unsafe and counterfeit structural glass and provide insights on how to confidently specify structural glass to avoid risks. Don't miss this informative event!

Key Topics to be Discussed:

- Risks of counterfeits: Review internal test results on counterfeit SentryGlas® materials and discuss the potential implications these inferior products could have on projects.
- Counterfeit risks in construction: Hear about previous experiences with other counterfeit construction products and the risks they posed.
- Industry awareness: Understand the importance of raising awareness about counterfeit SentryGlas and the ongoing innovation that genuine SentryGlas® brings to the industry.
- Project highlights: Learn how SentryGlas® has been used in various projects to achieve unique design objectives, focusing on its structural performance and benefits.
- Durability and confidence: Gain insights into the durability and weathering properties of SentryGlas®, and why industry professionals have confidence in its use.
- Support and expertise from Kuraray: Learn about the critical role of Kuraray’s support, technical data, and design expertise in ensuring the success of projects using SentryGlas®.


- Dr. Stephen J Bennison, Technical Fellow, Kuraray America, Inc., Advanced Interlayer Solutions Division
- Hamid Vossoughi, Senior Principal, Building Sciences, WSP
- Tali Mejicovsky, Associate Principal, Façade Engineering and Building Physics, Arup
- Graham Coult, Technical Director, Eckersley O’Callaghan
- Dr Dominic Yu, Principal, Alpha Consulting Limited

To maximise reach, we are broadcasting twice:

Tuesday 25 June, 3pm (BST)
Thursday 27 June, 8am (BST)