GLASS Industry Fair

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November 2016

GLASS Industry Fair

Poznan, Poland
Date: 16.11.2016 - 19.11.2016
The increasing spectrum of the use of the raw material, thanks to its extraordinary versatility, offers almost unlimited application possibilities - in such a way one can briefly describe GLASS Glass Industry Fair.

In the modern interiors, glass is an important element of interior design and architecture. Self-cleaning fa├žades, reduction of energy consumption, protection against burglary, or simply noise reduction are just a few examples - today's production and glass processing technologies enable versatile applications. Only imagination of an architect or designer limits the use of glass at present.

Thematic Scope:

Machinery, equipment, and accessories for the processing of flat glass

Bevelling and chamfering
Film application, bonding
Laminating layered glass
Laser processing
Glass machining
Glass thermal treatment
Sanding, carving, etching
Screen printing and varnishing
Glass Decoration
Glass joining
Resin laminating

Flat Glass

Glass used in industry

Absorption glass
Burglar-proof glass
Tinted glass
Safety glass
Drawn glass
Float glass
Fireplace glass
Mirror glass
Low-carbon glass
Flame proof glass
Organic glass
Ornamental glass
Sun shielding glass
Reflective glass
Greenhouse glass
Rolled glass
Reinforced glass

Glass used indoors

Artistic glass
Technical glass

Ready glassware

- stained glass
- alloy glass (fusing)
- mirrors
- glass shelves
- stairs, floors from glass
- doors, sinks, bathtubs, shower trays
- aquariums, terrariums

New technologies using glass

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