Building Skin Russia 2020

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February 2020

Building Skin Russia 2020

Event Hall Danilovsky, Moscow, Russia
Date: 26.02.2020 - 27.02.2020
Building Skin Russia 2020 is the only specialized meeting place for specialists involved in the dynamic market of external building envelopes in Russia. Modern facades, roofings and windows are the “skin” of buildings (building skin), on which their most important functions depend: attractivity, energy efficiency, capitalization, safety, durability, multifunctionality, and adaptability to external factors.

The forum is held in an innovative format of several streams of conferences and exhibitions located in a single and open space. In total, more than 100 (!) speakers share their thoughts and ideas for visitors on the most diverse aspects of the external envelopes of modern buildings.

Building Skin Russia 2020 is not only a meeting place for specialists, demonstrations of modern materials and technologies, but also two-day advanced training courses for developers, architects, designers, building owners, processers and installers.

In 2020, the following events will take place:
1) the 2020 Building Skin Russia forum on facades, roofings and wall materials itself;
2) the “2020 Window Days in Russia” forum of glass and windows;
3) the “2020 Construction insulation” forum.

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