3rd Façade Design and Engineering conference

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September 2016

3rd Façade Design and Engineering conference

Dubai, UAE
Date: 26.09.2016 - 27.09.2016
Demonstrate architectural excellence through the creation of innovative high performing, fire proof facades that define the UAE landscape

Building on years of success we are pleased to announce, the market leading Façade Design and Engineering UAE conference series is returning to Dubai in September!

In 2015 over 100+ developers, architects, engineers, designers and suppliers came together to discuss the challenge of creating an iconic facades in a severe climate conditions as well as demonstrating technologies available to create state-of-the-art building envelopes.

With billions of dollars being spent on construction projects in the Middle East and a change in fire and sustainability regulations the 2016 summit aims to be bigger and better. This event will showcase regional and international case studies demonstrating key challenges on existing and upcoming projects whilst illustrating innovative solutions to façade design and engineering.

Why Attend

- Discover innovative new trends in material choices such as GRC, Smart glass, Solar panels and Carbon fibre to create sustainable and iconic façades
- Gain clarification of fire codes and establish how to reduce fire spread and fire leap through the design and material choices of the façade
- An opportunity to network with industry experts and brainstorm valuable information with peers and pioneers
- Listen to regional and international industry gurus and gain an exclusive insights into tried and tested methods so that you get the fast-track on what works and what doesn’t

Who should attend?

- Heads of architecture
- Development directors
- Project Directors
- Design directors
- Technical Directors
- Construction managers
- Planning managers

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