UV Adhesive
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United Kingdom | Distributor
Antala Ltd. is a trading company distributor of the best brands of technical products for the industry in UK and offer an excellent range of products.
China | Manufacturer
Producing synthetic spiral polishing wheels and trading other products, such as UV adhesive, UV lamp and cutting tools, etc.
China | Manufacturer
Glassman is a leading manufacturer and designer for CNC glass working machinery in China, since 1975, in field of bevelling, edging, drilling, milling, grooving, lamination, washing and other designing for special purpose.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Adhesives for the the bonding of glass to glass, glass to metal and glass to stainless steel.
Spain | Distributor
Specialistic in industrial adhesives.
Switzerland | Industry service
Glass facades and windows alike must provide long-term durable systems. This calls for high-tech products, which are tailored to meet highly specific demands and guarantee peak performance in every respect. Sika supplies a wide range of tried-and-tested, innovative facade products for every demand.
Germany | Manufacturer
WellomerGmbH is a manufacturer of industrial adhesives used in the glass industry. Our products are used for structural bonding in a wide variation of applications.
Hong Kong SAR China | Manufacturer
We sells glass processing materials, product category includes: spiral felt polishing wheels, glass cutters, and uv lamp and adhesive.