Used Machinery
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Belgium | Industry service
Used machinery, spare parts and Local service points Worldwide. GMR has 4 main activities in the flat glass processing industry: reconditioning machinery; services with a worldwide network of local service points; delivery of spare parts; consumables. Apart from this, GMR has some other important sp
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Thermoseal Group Limited is the UK window industry's leading supplier of insulated glass sealed unit components and machinery for glass sealed unit manufacturing.
Austria | Trade agent
IGMS Sinzinger GmbH is trading with used machinery for the flat glass industry such as complete DGU productions, DGU lines and single machinery as gas fill press, automatic sealing robot, vertical and horizontal washing machine, tilt table, cutting tables and much more...
Germany | Industry service
Service for the container glass industrie. IS-machinery rebuild and used, service and training for operators and production people.
Italy | Manufacturer
Glass machinery and accessories for glass processing.
Hungary | Manufacturer
In the last 30 years, CE Glass Industries as the successor of Szilánk has become one of the most significant glass wholesale, glass processing and machinery producing company in Central Europe.
Hungary | Manufacturer
In the last almost 30 years, CE Glass Industries, as the successor of Szilánk, has become one of the most significant glass wholesale and glass processing companies in Central and Eastern Europe.
Germany | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of comprehensive technically leading range of sensor controlled gas fillers and gas analyzers, additionally offering complete I.G. Lines "DGT EDITION", with technical service for more than 2000 installations worldwide, based on four decades of experience in gas filling as DCL and DGT.
Italy | Manufacturer
Elettromeccanica G.C. manufactures new machinery and buys/sells second hand machinery.
Hungary | Trade agent
Hungary's first new and used glass machinery trader company.
Lithuania | Distributor
Erteka UAB is dealing in glass machinery new and second hand for the flat glass industry business. Technical service, repairs. Tools and materials.
United States | Distributor
Glass Machine Sales offers decades of experience and insight to bring you the most innovative and cost-effective flat glass machinery solutions to meet your every need. Some of our valued supplier partners include Triulzi, Cugher, Hova, Mistrello, Rollmac, Scholz and STA.
United Kingdom | Distributor
We buy and sell second hand glass machinery in the united kingdom. parts- servicing & machinery.
Lithuania | Trade agent
We BUY and SELL European-made used glass processing and insulated glass production machinery. Also GlassBaltic has a big stock of spare parts of these brands - Lisec, Bottero, Bavelloni, Lenhardt/Bystronic, Intermac etc. Team of 8 technicians are able to offer glass machinery service worldwide.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
GS-MR design and build bespoke Robotic and Automated solutions for the Glass and Stone industries. Solutions driven by customer manufacturing and production needs. Suppliers of UK designed and built Robotic and Automated systems to customers throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.