Technical Support
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Germany | Distributor
We are the Distributor of EVASAFE for the countries germany, austria, switzerland and the benelux-states.
United States | Manufacturer
E. W. Bowman, Inc. are specialists in the manufacture of annealing and decorating lehrs for holloware, such as containers, tableware, crystal, tubing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical ware, lighting and television glass. Also a producer of high efficiency electric and gas heated mould ovens.Phone numbers: 724-438-0503 (USA); 011 571 8054155 (South…
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Manufacture and supply of mould coating powders, TIG MIG and MMA welding consumables. Suppliers of a full range of related equipment.
United Kingdom | Industry service
Independent tempering specialists and glass machinery engineers. Machine relocation experts and suppliers of new and used machinery.
United Kingdom | Industry service
Glass Technology Services Ltd (GTS) is a leading, independent, provider of laboratory analysis, physical testing, quality assessment, failure analysis and a range of consultancy services - specialising in glass and glass products.
Latvia | Manufacturer
Glass processing company.
United Kingdom | Industry service
Giving advice on all aspects of preventative fire resistance, with both new and established glass products, as these continue to be improved and offered in proven frame systems. Fire testing facilities are available, should a project call for specific fire test evidence.