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Iran | Trade agent
We export high quality Persian silica sand extracted from mines in Iran directly to glass manufacturers all over the globe.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Quartz and borosilicate glass apparatus for science and industry.
India | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of quartzware, silicaware and glassware.
China | Manufacturer
Our company mainly produces quartz tubes, quartz rod and quartz plate. Please kindly view our web site for details. We are feling very glad to know that you are demanding quartz tubes.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Precision Optical Components Stock catalogue range. Custom made. Fibre Optic Light Guides Glass, Silica, Polymer, Liquid, Image Guides, Endoscopes
Turkey | Manufacturer
Producer of Feldspar and Quartz for ceramic and Glass.
United States | Industry service
Offering glass sand processors complete solutions through integrated process design, equipment supply, related engineering, project management and start-up, training as well as comprehensive customer service.
Germany | Manufacturer
Production of substrates and components for semiconductor industry.
Ukraine | Manufacturer
Poltava Quartz Glass Plant is a manufacturer of high quality quartzware in Ukraine. Quartz glass tubes with external diameter of 5 up to 60 mm, length up to 3 meters and any configurations under requirements of the clients.
Poland | Manufacturer
Silica, aluminasilicate and bauxite shapes for glass and coke industries, refractory masses and concretes
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Saint-Gobain Quartz manufactures a wide range of Fused Quartz and Fused Silica materials for optical, semiconductor, industrial, laboratory, thermal processing and other applications.
United Arab Emirates | Distributor
Sole Agent, distributors, wholesaler, retailer of Glassware Soga/Silica Japan, for Africa, Middle East, C.I.S.,Sub-continent.
| Manufacturer
Extraction and treading of minerals as raw material for industries
China | Manufacturer
High strength glass fiber and high silica glass fiber.
India | Manufacturer
Our products range: Quartz and silica tubing of various diameter, quartz rods, silica crucibles, etc.