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China | Manufacturer
Beijing GreatDia Superhard Tools Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of diamond tools and abrasive tools, which is widely used in automotive glass processing, solar glass processing, and high standard flat glass processing.
United States | Manufacturer
The ISO 9001-certified world leader in the manufacture and supply of windshield repair and replacement tools to glass professionals worldwide.
United States | Manufacturer
Manufacturers of Crystalene repair resins.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
manufacturers of resin dispensing and other decorating machinery and resins.
United States | Manufacturer
Concord Terrazzo Company is a single-source supplier in terrazzo materials. We crush a variety of aggregates including post-industrial and post-consumer recycled glass that can be in designs for terrazzo, polished concrete, landscaping and other construction projects.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Creative Resins is a family business that has been at the forefront of decorative glass and cadram technology since the company was first established in 1981.
| Manufacturer
Since it was founded in 1945 as Daihan Offset Ink Manufacturing Corp., DPI has been paving the path for the Korean paint & ink industry.Currently, DPI is producing over 100,00 coating-related products, which include various paints for automotive coatings, mirror coatings, building, industrial coatings and appliance coatings, pre-coating moulds…
United States | Manufacturer
Suppliers and manufacturer of windshield repair resin and kits. Offering wholesale resin by the liter.
Spain | Manufacturer
Machinery for painting and drying glass, surface treatments for self-cleaning glass and acrylic and ceramic paints.
Hong Kong SAR China | Distributor
Glasslam Asia Ltd. is the exclusive agent of Glasslam with facilities in U.S.A. Glasslam system has formulated and supplied high performance resin to the glass and metal industries worldwide.
Spain | Industry service
WRS windshield repair equipment, resins, drills, bonding materials. Windshield replacement, glass security etching
China | Manufacturer
We are specialized in glass diamond tools, glass hardware and glass machinery.
India | Manufacturer
Manufacturer CNC machines for the glass industry.
United States | Manufacturer
Windshield repair supply house featuring windhield repair kits and supplies, as well as distortion-free glass scratch removal.
Belgium | Manufacturer
Saflex® is the world leader in the production of performance interlayer for laminated glass, serving the automotive and architectural industries. Saflex protective interlayer for laminated glass is found in nearly 50 percent of laminated architectural and automotive glazing applications globally. Solutia architectural brands are Vanceva, Saflex,…