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United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Manufacturer and importer of a huge range of glass and crystal items. From kitchen ware to giftware collectables.
Italy | Manufacturer
Galarte produces pyrex glass blown objects, hand made and hand decorated. our production is essentially for gifts: chandeliers, liquid oil, vases. we make it in artistic and original way.
United States | Manufacturer
Specialty silica-based, glow in the dark powders for application with hot glass. Compatible with all glass coe.
| Manufacturer
The Herborizer is a new medicinal grass vaporizer. It is the union of a water pipe and a bong with a new vaporisation process.The Herborizer is made of PYREX®, and entirely hand-blown in France, using traditional manufacturing processes for laboratory.
Belgium | Manufacturer
Glassblower from Belgium. We create sculptures inspired by Eastern Island.
United States | Distributor
Sells glass, tools, supplies and kilns for art glass artists.
Germany | Manufacturer
Production of substrates and components for semiconductor industry.
| Industry service
Engineering & manufacturing of components and instruments of glass, quartz glass and technical ceramics.
United Kingdom | Industry service
University of St. Andrews glassblowing workshop.
Singapore | Manufacturer
We manufacture and supply general and custom borosilicate, quartz apparatus according to your requirements. Modifications and repair services are also available.
China | Manufacturer
Producer of pyrex glass pots,, dishes, pans and cups, plus we are also able to produce cookware according your design and specification.
United States | Distributor
Manufactures and sells glass, tools, kilns and supplies for the art glass industry. Retail and wholesale. Volume discounts.