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United Kingdom | Industry service
Electrical installation contractors with more than 30 years experience in the glass container industry.
Paraguay | Distributor
Dealer and supplier of laboratory glassware and science&tech instruments
United States | Manufacturer
Cat-i Glass Manufacturing can trace its roots back to Elgin Precision Glass (EPG), founded by Carl Jaynes nearly 50 years ago. EPG started out producing automotive air conditioning sight glasses in a barn.
Spain | Industry service
Manufacturers, distributors and engineers on optical and optomechanical components for industrial and reseach applications. Lenses, prisms, filters, optical mirrors, plates and optomechanics for imaging and illumination systems.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Precision instruments.
Germany | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of heated glass, laminated glass with decorative inlays, daylighting systems. TIR100 - Thermal emissivity measuring instrumentation. Glass R&D.
United States | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of portable and fixed high-temperature camera systems for real-time imaging inside glass furnaces operating up to 2345°C and other hot area applications.
India | Distributor
Importer of scinetific instruments, lab equipment, lab glass wares and tubes.