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United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of quality fused and slumped glass gifts, including glass plates, glass platters and unique personalised glass designs.
Germany | Manufacturer
Spezialized in architectural glass and fusing for hotels, bathrooms, interior design and SPA. Sinks, wash basins, shower doors, doors, tabletops, art glass windows, glass tiles, fountains, waterfalls, art glass, sculptors. Tempered, double-glazing and laminated glass.
United States | Manufacturer
Stained glass supplies, fusing and hot glass, free stained glass patterns, custom entryways, doors, and more.
South Africa | Distributor
Extensive range of glass, tools, books, fusing and beadmaking supplies. Workshops offered.
| Manufacturer
Creation and restoration of stained glass. Window panels, lanterns, lamps, decorative and art objects. Leading, copper-foil, fusing, slumping techniques. Own art gallery.
Czechia | Manufacturer
Production of kiln for glass technologies - annealing, casting, fusing etc.
Greece | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of quality kilns for glass firing and ceramics.
Australia | Distributor
Ceramic, pottery and glass supplies including kilns, clays, glazes, kilns,bisque and tools.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Stained glass and fusing supplies to the UK's glassworkers, fast delivery and great prices online or in our shop!
United States | Distributor
Full-line wholesale distributor of art glass supplies including complete export services. Equipment for leaded and foiled stained glass, mosaics, hot glass, lampworking, flameworking and more.
United States | Manufacturer
For over 10 years DTI has been and international maufacturer of art glass products and supplies. We currently offer over 500 stained glass, mosaic, and hot glass tools and accessories.
Jordan | Manufacturer
Group of companies covering tableware products, specialized in Glassware business, decoration plant of 20 tons capacity using all decor techniques.
United States | Manufacturer
Over 50 yrs of experience in providing top of the line kiln products and superior customer service to domestic and global markets.
Canada | Distributor
Canada' first and still only officially sanctioned stained and warm glass supplier. Over 1500 glass types for stained glass, for fusing and for flame/lampworking, as well as tools, kilns, courses and seminars.
Poland | Distributor
Fusible colour sheet glass, welding protective filters.