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Video and photo instructions for making stained glass.
United States | Industry service
An organization committed to the on-going improvement and advancement of the glass and glazing industry in Colorado.
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GLAAS Inc is a not for profit incorporated association which develops the use of glass in art, architecture and construction in Australia through promotion, research, education, training and creative collaboration.
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A glass art "fact" every day. Topics include techniques, history, artists and more. Sign up for a daily email telling you the day's topic.
India | Industry service
IICST is the institute formed by professionals engaged in the diverse activities relating to Ceramics, Glass and Allied Industries. The major objectives of the Institute are to promote and advance the study and practice of Ceramic Design, Science, Technology and Engineering in India...
India | Manufacturer
Manufacturers & Exporters of Scientific Educational Lab Equipments, Mathematics, Laboratory Glassware & all types ofg educational aids in India for use in schools & colleges.
United States | Industry service
Bridging the educational gap between glazing design, fabrication, & installation. Self directed glass training. Build fundamental glass project management skills focused on educating the "front office".
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Provider of superior automotive glass technical training courses in compliance with ANSI/AGRSS standards. Our courses are designed for both experienced technicians and individuals new to the industry.
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Professional Home Improvements' dedicated professionals educate and inform our clients as to the benefits and advantages of all materials and methods of installation so our clients can make an informed decision that is right for them. Mal Graifman custom tailors every project for each homeowner.
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Since 2006 I am dedicated to architectural glass. I doing in the B2B diagnostics of failures and defects to the glass, the glass statics calculation. Educating businesses through online courses, webinars and e-learning. My projects:,,,
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The Centre for Window and Cladding Technology is an independent 'industry club' providing technical advice, research and training