Cleaning Service
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Canada | Industry service
New process for removing condensation, cleaning, preventing damange and restoring r-value to failed sealed units.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Devlin Plummer Stained Glass studio is based in Great Moulton, South Norfolk.
Finland | Industry service
Glass mould cleanliness solutions. We manufacture ultrasonic cleaning machines for glass moulds. Fast, powerful and safe mould cleaning. Savings can be up to 75%.
United States | Industry service
Commercial and residential window cleaning, power washing, and any other type of exterior building cleaning.
Italy | Manufacturer
Production of industrial vacuum cleaners, air compressed vacuums, oil recovery machines, fix cleaning installations, pneumatic conveyors, high power vacuums.
United States | Industry service
Offering glass sand processors complete solutions through integrated process design, equipment supply, related engineering, project management and start-up, training as well as comprehensive customer service.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Effective cleaning solutions for most surfaces including glass. Dust removal down to < 1micron.