Silicone Extruder
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Austria | Trade agent
IGMS Sinzinger GmbH is trading with used machinery for the flat glass industry such as complete DGU productions, DGU lines and single machinery as gas fill press, automatic sealing robot, vertical and horizontal washing machine, tilt table, cutting tables and much more...
China | Manufacturer
The One-stop Solution Professional Supplier for Glass Deep-Processing Machine. It has been engaged in the development, production, and sales of automated insulating glass processing equipment for nearly 25 years.
China | Manufacturer
Leda Silicone & Hardware Product Co is the manufacturer and exporter of quality silicone rubber products for houseware, sports accessories, gifts, automotive, medical, infant care, electronics and consumer products around the world.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Packstat Ltd is a specialist supplier and converter of adhesive tapes and related products. Founded in 1990 as a packing company, the firm has grown to become one of the country’s leading technical tape suppliers to industry.
Canada | Manufacturer
Our custom rubber sealing solutions can help you achieve high performance, energy-efficient window and glazing systems to meet your building façade’s energy and sustainability objectives.