Sealing Machines
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Austria | Trade agent
IGMS Sinzinger GmbH is trading with used machinery for the flat glass industry such as complete DGU productions, DGU lines and single machinery as gas fill press, automatic sealing robot, vertical and horizontal washing machine, tilt table, cutting tables and much more...
Italy | Manufacturer
What we offer you is a wide range of machinery that, thanks to their technologically advanced solutions and their functionality, meet the needs not only of small and medium sized glassworks, but also those of larger companies.
Italy | Manufacturer
Battellino S.r.l. is an Italian producers of glass equipment from the 1989. We produce machines for the insulating glass like Butyl extruders, cutting machines and sealing robots but also machines for the processing like edgers and bevellers.
China | Manufacturer
Beijing MGM Glass Machinery Co., LTD is a high-quality manufacturer of insulating glass equipment which including Thermo-Plastic Insulating Glass Line, Super Spacer Insulating Glass Line and Automatic Sealing Robot.
Germany | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of comprehensive technically leading range of sensor controlled gas fillers and gas analyzers, additionally offering complete I.G. Lines "DGT EDITION", with technical service for more than 2000 installations worldwide, based on four decades of experience in gas filling as DCL and DGT.
Hungary | Manufacturer
Our core activity is machine manufacturing for the glass industry. We are mainly specialized on tailor made machines, like insulated glass lines with gas filling press, washing machines, automatic cutting tables, butyl extruders etc.
Singapore | Manufacturer
Hans Schick Glass is a Swiss owned and managed company. Our main products are IG lines, butyl extruders, sealing robots and modifications for (individual and double) press robots with NEW gas filling on existing IG lines.
Singapore | Manufacturer
Insulating Glass Lines Production and Equipment. Swiss Technology. Easy&Cost-effective maintenance. Produced in China.
Italy | Manufacturer
Marval was founded in 1985 in Mariano Comense (Como), in the heart of the Brianza industrial area, and over the years has grown from a mechanical workshop to a leading international benchmark in the insulating glass sector.
Italy | Distributor
MC Service was founded in 1989 by Mario Cascone. The company manufacture and repairs machines for the flat glass industry. It also sells second hand machinery, repaired and secured machinery. Guaranteed technical assistance.