Insulating Glass Spacers
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China | Manufacturer
OYADE is a professional high-tech manufacturer of insulating glass materials. Mainly produce aluminum spacer bar, butyl sealant, silicone sealant, structural sealant and molecular sieves. It is one of the biggest IG components supplier in China as well has 12 years manufacturing experience.
Italy | Manufacturer
Welcome to ALU-PRO: the only company in the world supplying the widest range of spacer bars to the glass manufacturing and processing industry.
Italy | Manufacturer
We are an international multi-business company that works in the following sectors: Civil and Industrial Plant Engineering; Finishing Systems for wood, plastic and glass; Medical Equipment and Lighting solutions with LED technology.
Italy | Trade agent
Our goal is to offer IG manufacturers the most qualified high-tech component system on the market, represented by the products of six leading world brands synonymous with innovation, research and reliability.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Established in 1977, DGS is the only manufacturer and distributor in the UK to offer a complete range of products for the Window & Door industry; sealed unit consumables, window and door hardware, plastics and fitting materials.
Germany | Manufacturer
Under the insulbar brand name, we develop, produce and market insulating bars for the thermal separation of doors, windows and facades in metal. Quality made in Germany - for more than 40 years.
South Africa | Trade agent
FG Trading develops bespoke manufacturing packages for window and door fabrication and glass processing facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa. We supply world-class machinery, equipment, tools and consumables, accompanied by specialist advice, technical support, training and service excellence.
Turkey | Manufacturer
NEDEX is producing chemicals and accessorizes for insulating glass. The primary product groups are molecular sieves, polysulfides, hotmelt, butyl, aluminium and warm-edge spacers and insulated edge solutions.
Greece | Manufacturer
PROFIS LTD specializes in PVC profile fittings, Co-extruded plastic profiles, Rigid profiles, Water stops, Special profiles for wooden frames and doors and PVC gaskets for glazing and aluminum systems.
Germany | Manufacturer
Rottler and Rüdiger and Partner GmbH was founded in 1982 in Langenzenn/Germany and has developed into the leading partner for spacer- and Georgian bar processing over the past decades.
Switzerland | Manufacturer
SWISSPACER Vetrotech Saint-Gobain (International) AG is specialized on to develop, manufacture and market the new ''warm edge'' system Sgg Swisspacer, made by glass-fibre reinforced organic material.
Germany | Manufacturer
As the world leader in thermally optimized hybrid plastic spacers for insulating glass, our thermally improved edge bond solutions and special components work to greatly reduce heat loss.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Tek Metal Profil founded in 1985, since than the company keeps it’s leading position. Tek Metal produces, Aluminium spacer bars, polysulphide sealant, butyl sealant, molecular sieve and corner keys used in insulating glass production. We have all in Tek Metal concept for IG metarials business.
Poland | Manufacturer
We work with the largest glass manufacturers in Europe, which allows us to follow the implemented technological novelties and interesting research solutions and change the range on the glass market.