Glass Bevelling
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Italy | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of mirror silvering lines, laminated glass lines, curtain coating lines, prismatic mirrors lines, bevelling machines, edging machines, double edging machines, washing machines, handling equipment.
Belgium | Manufacturer
Our Company was established 40 years ago. We are specialized machine manufacturers in the glass transformation area
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Manufacturers of 'Float-on' Glass Handling Castors used for flat sheet materials, can be supplied with rubber or polyurethane balls fitted onto offset stems.
United States | Manufacturer
Serving the leaded glass trade with custom hand and line beveled glass.
United States | Industry service
high end custom glass and mirror work of all descriptions.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Turkey manufacturer of building glass, construction machinery, doors and windows.
United States | Manufacturer
Beveled Glass Arts specializes in custom beveled glass for stained glass related businesses throughout the United States.
United States | Manufacturer
Custom beveled glass services for glass related businesses in the United States.
Belgium | Manufacturer
Laser Crack-off and rime fire polishing lines for table wares. Sawing, grinding, bevelling, and mechanical polishing for vases and figurines
Italy | Manufacturer
Bovone Diamond Tools is the Sister Company of Elettromeccanica Bovone. We produce a wide range of diamond tools for all machinery brands: cup wheels, polishing wheels for arris, routers and tools for CNC machines, drills. We also provide cerium oxide, felts and some more accessories for processing.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Manufacturers of traditional black bench felts, automatic cutting table felts and polishing wheels for bevelling operations.
Canada | Manufacturer
We produce different types of glass.
Hong Kong SAR China | Manufacturer
Is a provider of machinery, tools, and accessories for the flat glass industry. Together with the collaboration of their business partners throughout the world. We continue to serve the glass industry in these and other areas worldwide.
United States | Distributor
Chuni offers a wide selection of glass machinery. Products include: edging and beveling machines, cutting tables, drills, washers, furnaces, wheels, and other accessories.
Tunisia | Manufacturer
We supply glass for building, we do work on glass: edging, tempering, laminated glass, glass bending,