Diamond Drills
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Italy | Other
A.ArchiVet produces and trades portable drilling machines, lifters, glasscutters, cerium and aluminium oxide for glaziers and the glass field in general
Germany | Manufacturer
Machines, tools and accessories for glass and mirror processing and handling. Gallery rails and framing equipment.
China | Manufacturer
Electroplated diamond core drill bits are mainly used for precise drilling holes in the block of glass, fiberglass, ceramic, marble and other composite materials. We can custom make core drill bits according to your specific request.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Manufacturers of Diamond Tools for the Glass industry which includesDiamond Belts,Hand Pads,Discs, Electroformed Diamond Drills andWater Chucks.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Synthetic diamond grindging wheels, drills, powder, whetstones etc.
China | Manufacturer
Jiangmen Nanhua Diamond Wheel Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer for diamond wheels for flat edge with arris, pencil edge, resin bond wheel, polishing wheel of BD wheel, BK wheel, 10S40 and wool felt wheel to other drilling tools.
China | Manufacturer
Jiangyin Sunva Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd. was founded in1996,is a manufacturer of high-quality diamond tools and carbide tools. Our products : diamond files, diamond mounted points, diamond grinding wheels, diamond blades, diamond grinding bits, carbide burs, carbide drill bits, glass cutters
United States | Distributor
Machines and Wheels, Inc. has been a trusted and recognized name in the glass industry for more than twenty-five years. We are based in High Point, North Carolina where we sell the highest quality tooling and equipment backed with our unmatched service and support.
Spain | Distributor
We supply both tool and machinery of the best brands for the manufacture of glass at the best prices. Quality, efficiency and reliability of all our machines and products. More than 20 years of experience in the glass sector.
United States | Manufacturer
Manufacture of industrial diamond wheels and tools and cut-off Saws used in cuting glass and ceramics.
United States | Manufacturer
Technodiamant manufactures a range of quality diamond wheels and drills used in glass manufacturing.
Italy | Manufacturer
The Glass Division of Tyrolit Group designs, manufactures and markets diamond tools, metal and resin bonded, bearing the Vincent® trademark throughout the world, for the main applications for glass.
United States | Manufacturer
Manufacturing precision Diamond Slicing Blades, Diamond Dicing Blades, Diamond Core Drills, Accessories, and other Diamond Tools. Offer largest inventory and most competitive pricing in U.S.