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Sweden | Manufacturer
Fasadglas AB masteres the entire chain in glass constructions. From innovation and design to construction. The innovative work consists, among other things, of the development of materials and products, which has resulted in several patents, such as fixing system for facade cladding.
Sweden | Industry service
I have more than 20 years of experience in research and development of glass. Large carbon dioxide savings can be obtained by reusing or recycling glass. However, it is even more important that new products are sustainable and reused and recycled.
| Distributor
Bridgestone Evasafe distributor for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Estonia. Full product pallet of inserts for lamination in glass; high resoltion imagery, single colour foils, LEDs, etc
Sweden | Manufacturer
A leading glass company with the manufacture of insulating glass, glass processing and wholesale business.
Sweden | Manufacturer
Sweden Crystal Design - Handmade Swedish Crystal. Our special area Customer-designed Art glass for branding & marketing purposes for companies & municipalities, both in 2D and 3D crystal. We have a long experience of doing work for many well-known companies. World Wide delivery with UPS & FedEx.