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United States | Manufacturer
Dynasil fabricates optical blanks and other components from synthetic fused silica and a variety of other manufacturers optical materials.
India | Manufacturer
Manufacturers and exporters of borosilicate glass equipments, laboratory glassware and research apparatus, QVF type glass, glass pump, glass condenser, pilot plant, glass pipeline.
Russia | Other
Optical glass catalog, glass technical data and database.
United Kingdom | Distributor
HV Skan are a reliable source of high grade optical materials and heat resisting glasses at competitive prices.
Switzerland | Manufacturer
We have literally put the final touch in our company's history with a laser for engraving building glass - it is the first of its kind in Switzerland. Under the Keller Glas Lasergravur® brand, we now exploit the full versatility of this fascinating material.
Germany | Manufacturer
Production of substrates and components for semiconductor industry.
United States | Manufacturer
Sterling is a manufacturer of precision optical components and glass components. Established in 1958 sterling stock 50,000 lbs. of various glass.