Robotics and automation
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Germany | Industry service
COSMO CONSULT has many years of experience with digital solutions for the glass industry. Our products are based on clear procedures, detailed knowledge of the business processes in many industries and on excellent product expertise.
United States | Distributor
Representatives of flat glass processing machinery such as complete laminating lines, washing machines, and bespoke robotic automation.
Italy | Manufacturer
Thanks to more than 25 years of research and development of vision inspection systems, Deltamax Automazione is today a qualified partner for automatic quality control for production and processing of flat glass.
United States | Industry service
Epik Solutions is a cutting edge technology & solution design company engaged in custom solution design and development. Our development facilities are available in 10 locations worldwide, serving to more than 1000 projects with the help of 250 qualified associates.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Having been operating in the field of automation for more than thirty years, Gimatic can today boast a vast range of products supplied and used worldwide on a variety of different markets.
Italy | Industry service offers a fully functional, open protocol digital platform that will help improve your productivity. It is backed by the expertise and experience of two market leaders: Bottero and Tiama, both with extensive know-how in process automation and A.I., who understand your needs.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
GS-MR design and build bespoke Robotic and Automated solutions for the Glass and Stone industries. Solutions driven by customer manufacturing and production needs. Suppliers of UK designed and built Robotic and Automated systems to customers throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.
Singapore | Manufacturer
Insulating Glass Lines Production and Equipment. Swiss Technology. Easy&Cost-effective maintenance. Produced in China.
Germany | Industry service
We offer customized solutions for all sizes of companies. From manageable and flexible solutions for the building components trade to highly integrated and consistent ERP solutions for the industrial production of building components.
Italy | Manufacturer
Panini manufactures autoclaves optimized for laminating of tempered or hardened glass in flat or curved formats. The specific process for PVB (polyvinyl butyral) ensures perfect bonding and transparency, without air bubbles or opacity.
United Kingdom | Industry service
The Sempre Group provide a range of quality tools including precision measurement equipment, fast efficient measurement hand tools, quality management and data collection software to help you ensure the quality of your components.