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United Arab Emirates | Manufacturer
Emirates Glass LLC is one of the largest processors of flat architectural glass in the Middle East. Established in 1998 in Al Quoz Industrial Area in Dubai, Emirates Glass is the leading supplier of sputter-coated energy saving glass across the Gulf, with presence in markets across the globe.
China | Manufacturer
This is Paul from Acetron New Materials, Chinese leading manufacturer for PVD coating materials including sputtering targets&evaporation materials. We are public company and ISO9001/14001/45001&IATF16949 certificated. Please feel free to contact us for detail information.
China | Manufacturer
UV Tech Material Ltd is a leading manufacturer of sputtering targets for Glass, Photovotaics, Web, Decorative and related industries, almost all kinds of targets to match the different PVD coating system, such as Von Ardenne, Boc, Airco,Amat, Leybold and other customized coating systems.
Germany | Manufacturer
Our product range covers target materials for all major applications in the field of architectural glass (low-e and solar control), speciality coatings (antistatic and antireflex), automotive glass (defrosting, solar control and mirrors), pre-products for LCD´s and photovoltaics.
China | Manufacturer
Chinese manufacturer of sputtering targets.
United States | Manufacturer
Provider of Rotary Sputtering Cathodes and Targets, offering the latest innovations in rotary sputtering sources. Specialized experience and expertise dedicated to standard or custom designs.
United States | Manufacturer
Sputtering Components, Inc. (SCI) designs and manufactures equipment used for physical vapor deposition of thin films. SCI's PVD products include rotating sputtering magnetrons (end blocks and magnetics) and complete vacuum coater lid systems.
Finland | Manufacturer
Volframi Oy Ltd is developing a device usable in the coating processes of surfaces. With this device, you can make targeted coating on a surface of any size without coating the entire surface.