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United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Thermoseal Group Limited is the UK window industry's leading supplier of insulated glass sealed unit components and machinery for glass sealed unit manufacturing.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Antala Ltd. is a trading company distributor of the best brands of technical products for the industry in UK and offer an excellent range of products.
United States | Manufacturer
We provide a complete range of tools and supplies, as well as innovative hardware product solutions for frameless shower doors, frameless glass entrances, architectural railings, commercial storefronts, and transaction windows.
South Africa | Trade agent
FG Trading develops bespoke manufacturing packages for window and door fabrication and glass processing facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa. We supply world-class machinery, equipment, tools and consumables, accompanied by specialist advice, technical support, training and service excellence.
United States | Manufacturer
H.B. Fuller Window manufacturers industry-leading sealants for all spacer types, desiccating matrix, thermoplastic spacer and glazing compounds for the assembly of IG, windows and doors. We partner with our customers to create energy-efficient windows for any type of design and application.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Manufacturing & Distributing Technical Adhesive Tapes, Foam Tapes & Films. Offering Expanding Foam Tape, Thermalbond V2100 Spacer Tape, Glazing Tapes, Glass Transit Pads, Security Glazing Tape, Georgian Bar Tape, Foil Tape, Cloth Tape.
United States | Manufacturer
Novagard is a leading-edge silicone, hybrid, and foam company providing products for building construction professionals in the siding, window, and door industry for over 35 years.
United States | Distributor
PRYSM Marketing, Inc. markets and sells component parts and related products to manufacturers of windows, doors and insulated glass in the Eastern portion of the United States.
Switzerland | Industry service
Glass facades and windows alike must provide long-term durable systems. This calls for high-tech products, which are tailored to meet highly specific demands and guarantee peak performance in every respect. Sika supplies a wide range of tried-and-tested, innovative facade products for every demand.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Simplex Profil A.S.mainly manufactures Aluminium Spacer Bars, which are available in a range of widths 5,5mm to 19,5mm (Standard, Bendable and Pre-butyl applied Al. Profiles) and sells all the materials needed for the double glazing sector incl.Polysulphide, Polyurethane,Butyl,Moleculer Sieve 3A.
Belgium | Manufacturer
The Soudal Group is the largest independent European manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and polyurethane foams for professional and private users.
Germany | Manufacturer
Toyotape Klebetechnik GmbH is manufacturer of Adhesive Tape Solutions for Solar Panel Production. Our double-sided PE foam tapes are a trusted solution for solar frame bonding. double-sided tapes for optimized bus bar mounting and insulation in manual and automated processes.
United States | Manufacturer
Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing is North America’s leading supplier of integrated building enclosure solutions.
China | Manufacturer
SILANDE was one of the first enterprises engaging in Silicone Structural Sealant production and sale appointed by the National Economic and Trade Committee. It is now one of the pioneers who specialize in producing silicone sealant, polysulfide sealant, butyl sealant, epoxy and polyurethane sealant.