Doors & windows manufacturing machinery
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Turkey | Manufacturer
Atech® is a leading supplier of an extensive range of machinery for the window & door industry with state-of-the-art technology, customized solutions and a comprehensive scope of services.
United States | Manufacturer
Conserving energy resources, while reducing greenhouse gases, is possible in commercial buildings when windows are produced with Azon structural thermal barrier technologies in the framing system.
Italy | Manufacturer
Agency supplier of vacuum machines and systems for: metallization, sputtering, plasma and PECVD. Vacuum coating is possible and useful on: glass, metals, plastic and other. Availability of machines refurbished and new machines.
Mexico | Distributor
Cherokee is a Grupo Herralum company, specialized in the distribution of machinery for glass, aluminum and PVC. Likewise, we have our line of CHEROKEE products, from edgers, bevelers, grabbers, automatic drills, horizontal and vertical washers, grinders (Sandblast) and much more equipment.
Germany | Manufacturer
Machines and production lines for the production of windows and curtain wall (Alu and PVC) and for processing of industrial aluminium extrusions.
Italy | Manufacturer
Established by Giuseppe Caiumi, for over 40 years it has been a leading global company in the design, production and trade of systems for machining profiles in aluminium, light alloy, PVC and steel.
South Africa | Trade agent
FG Trading develops bespoke manufacturing packages for window and door fabrication and glass processing facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa. We supply world-class machinery, equipment, tools and consumables, accompanied by specialist advice, technical support, training and service excellence.
United States | Manufacturer
GED is a Worldwide Supplier of fully-integrated insulating glass (IG), vinyl window and door fabrication systems and software solution systems, as well as the revolutionary Intercept® Warm Edge spacer frame production systems.
United States | Manufacturer
Glaziers Center, Inc. is a software and machinery company dedicated to bringing together innovative ideas, software technology and machinery for the purpose of improving the accuracy, efficiency and productivity of fabricating architectural aluminum for curtain walls and storefronts.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Haffner design innovative and high-quality engineered products at some of the most competitive industry prices. Manufactured in Istanbul, Haffner supply machinery products to over 95 countries worldwide.
United Kingdom | Industry service is an international network of machinery stockists and suppliers. The sites content consists of a wide variety of equipment from all industrial sectors.
Italy | Manufacturer
TALMAC produces high-end machine tools and innovative technology solutions for CNC machining for aluminum, steel, light alloys and cutting systems for door and window applications and many other industrial applications.
China | Manufacturer
Jinan DETEK machine co., ltd is a professional manufacturer of insulating glass processing machinery, windows and doors processing machinery, focusing on design, research and development of better machines for customers’ pleasure. The machines have high production efficiency and stable performance.
United Kingdom | Other
Our experienced team have been helping customers across the UK for over 20 years, improving the energy efficiency of their homes while successfully reducing the cost of replacing new windows, as well as various home improvements.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Distributor of High Performance Machinery to the fenestration industry specialising in Schirmer and URBAN.