Ultra thin glass

Ultra thin glass
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Pakistan | Manufacturer
Gunj Glass Works and its sister concern Ali Glass Industries are leading names in the glass manufacturing industries of the country. These industries manufacture world-class architectural and home ware glass using Belgian technology on European/Japanese plant.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Precision Optical Components Stock catalogue range. Custom made. Fibre Optic Light Guides Glass, Silica, Polymer, Liquid, Image Guides, Endoscopes
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Met Therm manufactures and installs the AG210 range offering the slimmest thermally broken ‘A+10 rated’, Part L 2010 compliant metal windows and doors available.
Germany | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of Microscope Slides and Cover Glasses and of all kinds of technical flat and thin glasses. Distributor of all kinds of laboratory supplies.
Austria | Manufacturer
SICURTEC Laminatglastechnik GmbH is a producer of highly resistant glasses for buildings and machine tools.
Taiwan | Manufacturer
Taiwan Glass Group is currently the largest glass manufacturer in China. In order to strengthen the competitiveness of the market at home and abroad and expand the scale of market competition, Taiwan Glass Group established Taiwan Glass China Holding Company and began expansion within the mainland.
China | Manufacturer
Zhongyuan Glass Industry Equipments Co., Ltd specializes in glass plant design, glass mechanical equipments manufacturing and turn-key project for flat glass production line (sheet glass production line, figured/patterned glass production line and float glass production line).