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Belgium | Manufacturer
ARDIS develops software to optimize rectangular parts & to produce cutting layouts. 60 modules are available to configure the right solution for cutting and production.
Ukraine | Manufacturer
Automatic nesting software for sheet materials.
Ukraine | Manufacturer
Software for optimized cutting of particle board, metal, glass and plastics.
| Industry service
"1D Stock Cutter" - easy-to-use and powerful software for material stock cutting to length optimization
United Arab Emirates | Industry service
'The Bottle Handling Optimizer' software, a software that will optimize the bottle handling setup on an IS machine.
India | Industry service
A SEI CMM Level 3 company is IT Solutions provider having its offices in India, UK, Italy and US.
United States | Industry service
Direct Control Systems offers complete control panel design, fabrication, operator interface stations and assembly. We offer installation support for a variety of glass related equipment.
Germany | Other
iAFIS - Information System for Container Glass Manufacture. Use an ordinary Internet browser for access to all production data company-wide.
United States | Distributor
Eurosoft distributes ARDIS Optimization software in North America. ARDIS optimizes cutting layouts for rectangular parts cut from glass, wood, plastic, etc.
Germany | Industry service
Computational Fluid Dynamics Software
Turkey | Industry service
Drvive systems for hollow glass industry. Control systems. Timer systems for press machines, IS machines. Tempering line control systems. Synchronization systems. Annealing lehr control systems.
Honduras | Industry service
GlassTrax is a clean and affordable software package, designed specifically for the glass industry.
Germany | Industry service
Graphikon offers tailor-made image processing solutions with process management analysis for quality control of flat glass and hollow glas.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
I glass solutions - developing software and web site.
Germany | Industry service
Software development and development of measuring devices for quality ensurance.