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China | Manufacturer
Aiqi China Glassware Packaging Co. We specialized in designing and manufacturing variety of liquor bottles wine container in super flint with high quality.
South Africa | Manufacturer
Manufactures pharmaceutical and cosmetic glassware.
Italy | Manufacturer
Manufacturer and distributor of laboratory glassware. Specialized in the production of glass syringes for technical, laboratory, cosmetic and medical use.
India | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of soda lime flint glass bottles for parfume and cosmetic industry.
China | Manufacturer
Glass Containers manufacture mianly for cosmetics, cream,lotion, perfume, nail polish and food, fruit, beverage.
United States | Distributor
Major wholesaler of perfume bottles in the USA. Wide selection of decorative perfume bottles. Roll ons, perfume atomizers, caps lotion bottles and pumps.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Manufactures a wide range of tubular glass containers (ampoules and vials) for the pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic industries
Belgium | Manufacturer
Glass producer and decorator of glassdomes, dummy for perfumery, giant glasses for brewery, marketing items
United States | Manufacturer
A world class supplier of glass bottles, vials, closures, dropper assemblies, aluminum seals, oral dosage devices and custom molded components serving Medical, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, and Health Cares Industries Worldwide
Georgia | Distributor
The official representative of the Czech glass - factory, company czechimpex offers glass containers of the Czech manufacture, label, fuse, caps, gift boxes, tin boxes a tube for manufacture alcoholic and soft drinks.
United States | Manufacturer
Daisaka Inc. provides glass frosting (acid etching) solutions to meet the needs of the liquors & spirits, candles, cosmetics and the food & beverage industries.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Production of perfume bottles.
Germany | Manufacturer
The Gerresheimer Group is one of the leading international suppliers ofhigh-quality packaging and system solutions made from glass and plastic, especially for the market segments of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
Poland | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of low capacity glass packages.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
We are manufacturers and distributors of Packaging Products (Glass Bottle, Closures, Crimp Pumps and Boxes) used for perfumes, cosmetics and toiletries.