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Pakistan | Manufacturer
Manufacturers of glass bottle and moulds in Pakistan since 1989. Range of products includes pharmaceutical bottle moulds, perfume and spray bottle moulds with high quality of engraving; beverages, squashes, syrups, ketchup, household and gallon jar moulds.
Ireland | Distributor
Leading Distributor of glass bottles and jars in the UK and Ireland
United States | Manufacturer
Makers of glass bottles.
Czechia | Manufacturer
Development and production of glass containers (flint, green, HT green and amber colours).
| Manufacturer
Glass containers manufacturers.
China | Manufacturer
Manufacturer, consultant and designer of glass bottle, jar.
United States | Distributor
Major wholesaler of perfume bottles in the USA. Wide selection of decorative perfume bottles. Roll ons, perfume atomizers, caps lotion bottles and pumps.
China | Manufacturer
Four stars glass is one of the leading international manufacturer of Neutral borosilicate glass tubing, vials and Ampoules conform with Glass type I USP / EP / JP, expansion coefficient is 5.0X 10-6
China | Distributor
Manufacturer and wholesaler of float glass and glasswares.
China | Manufacturer
Manufacturers of water meter glass, super-thin tempered glass, safety building glass, glassware, picture frame glass, electric lighting glass, electrically heated glass, heat-resistance glass, adorning glass.
China | Manufacturer
We are providing glassware products in China, we both have offices in USA and China, we have more than 10 years of exporting experience. Please contact us for more information.
United States | Other
Chrislynn Energy Services helps manufacturers control their natural gas and electricity prices. CES provides dozens of suppliers and choices for clients regarding their energy.
Belgium | Manufacturer
Glass producer and decorator of glassdomes, dummy for perfumery, giant glasses for brewery, marketing items
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Colouring & printing service of bottles, jars, candleholders, small glass items in small and large quantities either from our small range or your free issue glass.
United States | Manufacturer
A world class supplier of glass bottles, vials, closures, dropper assemblies, aluminum seals, oral dosage devices and custom molded components serving Medical, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, and Health Cares Industries Worldwide