Bending machines

Bending machines
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Germany | Manufacturer
Machines and production lines for the production of windows and curtain wall (Alu and PVC) and for processing of industrial aluminium extrusions.
Italy | Manufacturer
Established by Giuseppe Caiumi, for over 40 years it has been a leading global company in the design, production and trade of systems for machining profiles in aluminium, light alloy, PVC and steel.
China | Manufacturer
LUOYANG AOTU MACHINERY CO.,LTD is the professional glass tempering furnace designer and manufacturer. glass tempering furnace, tempered glass making line, glass laminated lines provider.
United States | Manufacturer
Oz Machine USA has become one of the leading manufacturers of Aluminum and PVC / Vinyl processing machinery sector, with more than 30 years of production experience and produce more than 40,000 machines per year.