Ornamental processed glass

Ornamental processed glass
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Honduras | Distributor
We are Sales Agents working on commission basis in Honduras, serving the trade and industry in Central America.
Turkey | Distributor
Artek Metal imports all types of glasses: clear float, coloured, laminated, mirror, reflective glass. company also re-exports glasses from Asia to Bulgarian, Romanian, and Greke markets.
United States | Manufacturer
B&L Glass Company was founded in 1959 by two men, Ed Beatheaud and Art Leandro. Both worked as journeyman glaziers in the city of San Francisco until they teamed up to open their own business in a small building off of Summerfield Road in Santa Rosa, CA.
United States | Manufacturer
Besser Glass is located in Bloomington, MN. We provide shower door and window glass replacement services. We have many types of specialty glass, including beveled, carved, etched, and ornamental.
Brazil | Industry service
International agents for the flat glass industry in South America, located close to its most important markets such as São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, etc.
India | Manufacturer
Manufacturers of low expansion borosilicate glass for laboratory and scientic ware. Flat glass for thicknesses of 3-10 mm.
United States | Manufacturer
Bucks County Glass Company was founded in 1983 in Gardenville, PA, and has since grown into our current location in Doylestown, where we have our showroom as well as our commercial and residential fabrication shops.
United States | Industry service
Building Envelope Consulting groupDesign, Engineer, and Detail all phases of a Building Envelope.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Camart is a float glass processing company located in Istanbul - Turkey. We produce frosted (satinated) glass and acid etched glass fordecorative usage.
United States | Manufacturer
Cat-i Glass Manufacturing can trace its roots back to Elgin Precision Glass (EPG), founded by Carl Jaynes nearly 50 years ago. EPG started out producing automotive air conditioning sight glasses in a barn.
China | Manufacturer
We manufacture float glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, glass-ceramic, heat-resistant glass...etc
Belgium | Distributor
EVM specialized in trading in Benelux, France, Germany and United Kingdom.
United States | Distributor
Glass machinery and glass products.
India | Manufacturer
Leading glass processor in India.
Romania | Manufacturer
Our company can produce any type of glass for the auromotive field and not only.We are using high-technology and the best international standards.