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Horizontal washing drying machine for small glasses 100 x 50 mm.
4 Brushes
Thickness 2-8 mm
This machine has been planned for the washing of flat glass sheets of small dimensions. Top prewashing. Washing effected by two pairs of cylindrical brushes which are constantly wetted by water sprayers. Drying by means of 2 pairs of blowers fed by high-pressure fan. Rubberized vulcanized and rectified conveyor rollers. Electronic speed adjustment by inverter, with digital display. All parts in contact with the water are made of stainless steel. Sound pressure level within the standards. Optional device for the thickness adjustment from 2 to 30 mm with display. Motorized height adjustment device of the upper section up to 500 mm for quick inspection. Further pairs of cylindrical brushes complete with tank. Water heating with electrical heating element, thermostat and level switch. Top air knife after pre-washing. Modifications on particular requirements.
Working width 810-1010 mm
Working speed 2-8 m/min.

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