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Roller kiln type FK Rcg 18/1200 for bending
of thermal glass
temperature of 950 ° C
Useful dimensions of the bending chamber 1200x1200x600
Maximum dimensions of the sheets to be bent 1100x1100x4 mm
Minimum dimensions of the plates to be bent
300x300x4 mm
Heating and bending cycle
15 minutes
= Production 1 pack every 7 min. 30 sec.
Cold-cold cycle about 70 min.
Annealing cycle 7.5 min.
Cooling cycle 47.5 min.
Total length of the oven 17 meters
2 meter kiln entrance roller conveyor, advancement operation
fast intermittent
Preheat 1.4 meters, fast forward operation
Heating 1.4 meters, slow and fast forward operation
1.4 m curvature, fast forward operation
slow fast
1.4 mt annealing, fast slow forward operation
Cooling 11.20 meters, feed operation
- A movable diaphragm divides annealing from cooling
- Rolls diameter 60, center distance 120 ceramic,
(for fused silica only i in the heating and bending area + 5%)
- Mixed heating: electricity, gas
- n. 4 burners of 20,000 Kg / cal. with automatic ignition and flame control
- n. 2 self-regulated gas zones
- 0.75 kW combustion fan
- 0.75 kW smoke suction fan
- 20 kW bending resistors
Lower drilling template consisting of shaped cordirite plates inserted between the rollers and
resting on a plate that will be raised by means of a pneumatic piston having
a maximum stroke of 500 mm
Upper template with wings that close in case of particularly closed curvature.
A lifter keeps 1 glasses lifted from the rollers
curved in the annealing zone over time
of curvature, after which the diaphragm is raised and while
the newly curved glasses come
transferred in annealing, those from annealing are transferred
1n cooling.
The movement of the rollers is controlled by 2 gearmotors controlled by inverters.
The 1st pulls the first six modules and has 2 tow speeds:
1 °) the normal slow forward speed
2nd) transfer speed to the next section in fast 8 - 10 times higher than the 1st
- 2 meters of kiln feeding roller conveyor with operating drive motor reducer
- 4 m of kiln unloading roller conveyor pulled by the 2nd kiln towing gearmotor

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