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Weight of Tempered Glass Post your reply
Posted on: Jun-15-06 Author: Michael Youla Contact this user  User information

Surely there must be a table on this, or some other web site, listing the density of tempered glass (specifically, 3/8" tempered glass.)
Thanks for any and all help,

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Posted on: Jun-16-2006 Author: Anonymous
Hi Mike,
The density of tempered glass is exactly the same as raw glass which is approximately 2270 kg/m^3 (2.27 kg/m^2/mm)
I assume you are in the USA, as you are asking about 3/8" glass, so the conversion is approximately 0.5 lbs/ft^2/mm which gives:
4.7625 lbs/ft^2 for 3/8" glass.
Be aware that even though you have ordered 3/8 glass, the float-line may give you something just under 3/8". (It improves their profit margin!)
Jonathan Barr

Posted on: Feb-01-2007 Author: jjmj427 Contact this user  User information
My question is along the lines of the original. Is there a chart somewhere with the lbs per square foot or lbs per square inch for the different size thickness glass? The two sizes that I am looking for is 3/16 and 1/4 tempered? I would imagine that there is no difference between tempered and regular pane glass weight?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Posted on: Feb-05-2007 Author: ACE Contact this user  User information
A quick rule of thumb for glass weights (metric) is
2.5Kg/sqm per mm of glass thickness
ie 3.3sqm of 8mm glass weighs:
3.3 x 8 x 2.5 = 66Kg
In USA use 13.2lbs per sq ft per inch of thickness, ie 12sq ft of ½" glass:
12 x 0.5 (ie ½ ) x 13.2 = 79.2lbs, give or take an ounce

Posted on: Feb-05-2007 Author: Snowwoman Contact this user  User information
To answer JJ's question, the rough numbers are here:
3/16": 2.55 lb/sqft, 1/4": 3.07 lb/sqft. The weight should be similar for anneal and tempered glass. Help this answers your question. If you need more help, please contact.

Posted on: Feb-06-2007 Author: newbie Contact this user  User information
The weight of the glass if it is being used as a coffee table will depend on the weight of your "chick" sitting on it plus pie 'r' squared *laughs*...sorry, just having some fun.

Posted on: Feb-06-2007 Author: jjmj427 Contact this user  User information
Thanks, to everyone that replied that definately helps me out, even the reply from newbie (always enjoy good laugh). I can not tell how long I have been perusing the internet to find these answers. I indirectly was close to the lbs per square inch on the 1/4 glass from information that I found.

Again, Thanks!