CCTV boasts a highly unusual '3D cranked loop' shape.
Pleotint is now supplying their Suntuitive® Dynamic Glass interlayer to Pilkington/NSG Europe for use in the Pilkington Suncool™ Dynamic product line.
The immense interest stimulated by the Gimav Group validates the upward trend experienced by the Country's Glass Processing Industry.
Holographic display glass, Holographic Display 3D Pyramid glass, holographic pilot project glass, high performance 3d holographic projection temperedglass, 3d hologram display glass.
FENESTRATION BAU China is Asia’s largest and the world’s second largest professional gathering in the building industry, consisting of an exhibition, conferences and concurrent events.
On July 12, the signing ceremony of general contract of 400t/d float glass production line between CTIEC and Syrian Kadah Import & Export Co., Ltd. was held in the Shanghai head office.
The ONGC building has made extensive use of Saint-Gobain's Envision, a green building glass that is designed to give a spectrally selective solar control performance.
NSG Group’s Architectural Glass Solar Products Certified to Global Design and Safety Standards.
At this Expo, LandGlass brought a full range of technical solutions for flat and bent tempered glass applications.
U-Profile Glass (also known as U Channel Glass) for the architectural & construction industry.
Uses World’s Top Standard*1 Light Transmittance Performance to Enhance Style of Large-Screen TVs.
On June 28 CTIEC signed the EPC contract of the first 600t/d float glass production line in Kazakhstan with Orda Glass.
Recently, LandVac made by LandGlass was chosen to be the designated construction material for the sunroom project in an upscale villa in Xi’An . The upgrade delivers outstanding sound and thermal insulation and is well received by the property owners.
Roto makes an acquisition in China / Takeover of Union Ltd, a hardware supplier with 450 employees
Saint-Gobain took part in a discussion day called “Smart Cities: Which visions and models for the 21st century,” in Singapore as part of the Le Monde – Smart Cities international urban innovation awards ceremony.
Ar. Nilabh Nagar, Senior Associate Architect at Architect Hafeez Contractor, has, over his 26 years of professional practice, handled diverse typology of buildings.


It is in spaces that heal, that we hope...for hope, for a new lease of life, for the wealth of wellbeing. For, it is in healing spaces that we can find the power to heal, the promise of good health.
In home settings, many people want glass windows for the view, but worry about having to install additional curtains or blinds for their privacy. In office settings, many want glass partitions for their meeting rooms, but worry about privacy not being achieved.
Multiple glass options offer customized ways to suit different building needs.
Sanshiba Shozai of Japan chose to be the first glass processor in the world to invest in Glaston’s latest GlastonInsight™,the intelligent online assistance system, at the same time as it ordered the Glaston RC350™ tempering furnace.
A glittering facade of suspended glass blocks veils Hiroshi Nakamura’s winning entry to the ar+d Awards for Emerging Architecture


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