Layers of texture and colour weave together to create a play on light through the striking glass artwork.
LandGlass guarantee the new system up and running flawlessly while completing all installation and debugging work for acceptance within 18 days after the equipment delivery.
A glass and steel lift-shaft atop a re-created headland in a high visibility setting at Sydney’s Barangaroo.
A+W Australia at gathering of fenestration and glass professionals with a special atmosphere
Architectural Glass & Cladding is currently working closely with glazing contractor, Hitec Glazing to supply a range of architectural glass products for the exterior glazing of this landmark building.
The core structure of Melbourne’s under construction sky-scraper Victoria One has topped out at a height of 271m, making it the tallest structure in the CBD.
The BELECTRIC PEG system design achieves a significant milestone for cost-effective solar PV power generation.
Full output power for the entire life of the solar cell.
When Seeley Architects took on this home renovation in the serene Loutitt Bay, they knew immediately that the view was the hero and it needed to take center stage.
Cooling Brothers has found its perfect match to our mix of decorative glass products! DigiGlass In-Glass Printing has joined the Coolings Create range to further expand artistic possibilities when it comes to applying imagery to glass.
Sirona Capital has appointed Australian tier-one contractor Probuild to deliver the Kings Square Fremantle project.
Enfold is a family owned Design and Construction company, specialising in office interiors, base building upgrades and refurbishment projects.
Did you know that the right glass can heavily impact the sound reduction in your home? In a recent article on realestate.com we discovered that for many, this isn’t common knowledge.
Architectural Glass & Cladding Pty Ltd, a cutting-edge supplier of bespoke, high performance façade products, has now introduced Reynodual®.
Austvision have developed and tested a point supported Insulated Glass Unit which has been suitably integrated into a suspended glass system and a mullion system used as the supporting structure where the gaps between the glass panels are sealed by silicone.
Monash University’s four bold new halls of residence are an impressive investment in education here and now, rather than the virtual experience tethered via cyberspace.


Glass canopies are a common design element added to homes and commercial buildings around the world, whether they’re new or old.
With a sophisticated, modern appeal and the long-lasting promise of this highly durable building material, adding a glass canopy over the front door can create just the right finish for your build.
We all know the basic function of a window and why we think it’s important to the design and functionality of our home – to let in the light and allow us to see our surroundings.
Switchable Glass Makeup – Clear or Coloured Glass
What does thermally broken mean, and what are thermally broken aluminium windows and doors?
One of the best reasons to use Altair Louvre Windows in bathrooms is their ability to offer both privacy and ventilation simultaneously.
The Station Hotel in Prahran’s Greville Street was a favourite watering hole and stay-over for generations. Its recent revision by architects Interlandi Mantesso sees 41 apartments rise discretely behind the classic Victorian pub facade and an uber-cool, bespoke, Viridian glass shell.
Glass has been used for both decorative and functional purposes for much of history; the forms and techniques used have changed with our technological advances.