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The advantages of Chrome Corundum Brick


Chrome corundum brick is alumina - chrome oxide as the main raw material production of high-performance chrome corundum brick, has the characteristics of high refractoriness, great strength, good thermal shock stability, strong ability to resist erosion. In use, the scouring resistance, wear resistance, resistance to flake structure, has been in metallurgy, glass, carbon black and the petrochemical industry, has obtained the good using effect.

what is bulk density?


Bulk density is an indicator of Weight of a unit volume of a loose material (such as a powder or soil) to the same volume of water. Expressed in kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m3) or pounds per cubic foot (lb/ft3), it is a type of relative density and is used mainly in quality control, shipping, and soil analysis. Bulk density is a useful property of Refractory, which defines the material present in a given volume. An increase in bulk density of a given refractory increases its volume stability, its heat capacity, as well as resistance to slag penetration.

Refractory Selection for the Container Glass Furnace


Container glass is a type of glass for the production of glass containers, such as bottles, jars, drinkware, and bowls. With the increasing of the demand for the container glass, the quality requirement for the container glass is higher too. Refractory is one of the most important factors that affect the quality of the container glass.

Special Glass Manufacturing and Fused Cast Zirconia Block


The term special glass refers to a wide range of technical glasses with highly different chemical compositions and functions which are designed for special applications. Special glass features high cost, special functions, production complexity and diversity, and technological progress.

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Application Of Refractories In Different Parts Of Glass Furnaces


Refractories are the main building materials for glass furnaces. It has a decisive impact on the quality of glass, energy consumption and the cost. The development of glass melting technology mainly depends on the development and quality of refractories.

Application Of Refractories In Glass Industry


Refractories performance affects glass manufacture in the production cost and the quality of the glass. Refractories in different areas of a glass furnace suffer different operating environment. So different types of refractory are used in the different parts of the glass furnaces.

Crown Refractories

Application of Fused Cast Alumina Block in Oxy-fuel Furnace Crowns


The crown of an oxygen fuel glass furnace is exposed to the conditions of erosion of high temperature alkali vapor and batch dusts, and load. A better high temperature creep resistance is key for the crown blocks of the Oxy-fuel glass furnaces. Fused cast alumina block has been now used as crown refractories in oxy-fuel furnaces for several years.