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Production Tracking and Visualization system to eliminate paper part travelers, birth certificates, and spreadsheets.

Hi Everyone! I hope you are keeping healthy and safe during these interesting times! I wanted to introduce a new web=based software product coming to the facade world called cmExe.

With the facade production tracking process being driven largely by paper and spreadsheets leading to inefficiency in reporting, lack of traceability, and limited connection to on-site activity we developed a web-based software called cmExe

How an Electronic PDLC Smart Film Works

The principle behind electronic PDLC or Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal smart film is quite simple—but just as fascinating. When you turn the power off in an electrochromic glass film, liquid crystal molecules float in a random orientation, scattering incidental light and rendering the film-filtered glass panel opaque. When an electric current is applied, on the other hand, the liquid crystal molecules become aligned, allowing incidental light to pass through so that the other side of the glass becomes visible.


WANTED mirrorpane Stockist and processor

I'm looking for a stockist and Processor for the following products, does your company supply and process these products?


Optimirror Chrome        

Optimirror OW               

Mirrorview                      50/50                                                            

Boarding Up Service in West Yorkshire

Boarding up services in glass entrances, complete shop fronts, window boarding within the home, shattered toughened glass and many more!

If you need an emergency boarding service, call our team at 0113 256 8008.

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